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Oakshire Elementary School9

Orlando, FL | Orange County


October 30, 2013

This is my sons first year here, and I am very pleased with his teacher, Mrs De La Torre. She is amazing ! I am constantly in communication with her via email, and my son adores her. She is always helping and pointing out areas that he needs more work on, and I have already seen many improvements. She's an amazing teacher !

Submitted by a parent

August 19, 2013

This year will be my daughter's 2nd year at Oakshire. I have nothing but good things to say about the teachers & staff. The teachers are very caring & the school was named an A school again. My daughter learned so much last year & she loves going to school there. She is reading above grade level thanks to her teacher & teacher's aide last year, and in addition to that she made honor roll all 4 semesters! The teachers are really good about keeping parents informed of what's going on in class, what your child needs extra help on, and responding to emails. It's a privilege to send my daughter to such a great school.

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July 5, 2013

I am a former student of Oakshire. I moved to Florida, and based on reviews my parents sent me there. It was a nightmare. First, you can clearly tell that the staff favor Hispanics. Please, I am not racist, but it isn't fair that one person get placed above another on race. I was bullied there severely for being Caucasian. Did anyone care? Nope. It was no big deal. Secondly, my teacher swore at us. Yes, swore. She also wasn't hesitant to whip out her phone and text right in the middle of class. She insulted us daily. With that one teacher, she made us bring our textbooks back and forth daily. My parents weighed my book bag that contained all the required material. It weighed 30 pounds. And the P.E. staff was so horrible. There was no lack of insults from them. No matter how hot it was outside (one instance where it hit 102) we were made to walk around the basketball court in a line without talking. There was also several times where they made us do exercised similar to what they do in the military. We had to squat until our legs hurt. We stayed like this for an hour. My knees were shaking and buckling. If you have any sense, you will not send your child to this horrid school.

June 28, 2011

Oakshire is a great place to work. The administration and staff really care about the students.

Submitted by a teacher

August 16, 2010

This school is amazing I'm in 5th grade and been here since kindergarten I love all my teachers ,,, OAKSHIRE ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

March 2, 2010

The school has a new principal. I can't say too much about him. I hear his voice everytime the county answering service calls my house to leave a message about different events that are going on in the county, but I do not see him doing too much for the school. There are teachers who still do not know how to use the school and county's computer system, so it is difficult for kids to keep up when they are absent and need to make up work. Also, many teachers take their time before updating their students' grades on the computer. So parents of three kids (like me) have a hard time trying to keep track of their kids' progress.

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August 15, 2009

My grandson was in Kindergarden with Mrs. Berrios. I was very pleased with her(only wish she could follow him to graduation). She was very helpful and had many very good ideas regarding teaching. I would give her 5 stars.

February 17, 2009

This school needs more attention on children who are in need. They need to give parents resource3s on what to do if your child is failing

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October 1, 2008

It's my kids first year in school and I'm very happy so far and so are they. Parents have to get involved in the children's education, we can't expect ONE teacher to teach 20+ kids everything they need to learn, so they expect us to help and it's understandable. The only thing I'm not happy about is how expensive school is turning out to be.

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June 30, 2008

This school care for the students & parents. Teacher are always looking forward to help the students succeed.

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January 24, 2008

Oakshire Elementary School it's an amazing BILINGUAL school. I have my children admitted there for the past 3 years and absolutly I'm so happy w/ the professionalism and dedication of the staff with the active student.

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August 30, 2007

I am very happy with the school and it's curriculum.

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August 30, 2007

I am happy with the curriculum. However I am very confused with the PTA and their fundraising. Their are constantly raffling or fundraising and i wonder what goes back to the kids. Everything the kids participate in they have to pay for. Their meetings should be more organized and planning for what is to come ahead and perhaps have a budget report what has come in and what is being spent on the school.

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August 16, 2007

Principal lacks leadership skills. Very little interaction with the students. No extracurricular activities at all. The great news - The teachers are amazing. My children have had the best year after year. However, the teachers need the principals support The school should also mandate uniforms.

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March 30, 2007

i liked this school very much. i am in 6 grade and went to oakshire last year.the teachers call on u even if you r quiet.i want to thank mrs.sinclaire,mrs.leya-craig,mrs.howard,etc. I REALLY RECOMMAND MRS.HOWARD THE 2 GRADE TEACHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!GO MRS.HOWARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Submitted by a former student

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