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Princeton Elementary School9

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June 30, 2014

My daughter and I absolutely love Princeton Elementary! It is leagues above the other K-5 school in the College Park area. My daughter is a rising 5th grader and it is bittersweet that her time at this wonderful school is almost over. The kids at Princeton are bright and well mannered (no bullying issues at all that I am aware of), the teachers are dedicated and challenge students to be their best, very strong PTA and a ton of school related activities all throughout the year ! It is truly the "private school of public schools". Proud to be a Princeton Panther!!

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May 17, 2014

Excellent school. Everyone is dedicated to the learning and growth of all of the children. My daughter absolutely loves this school.

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April 2, 2014

This school is amazing and has very friendly, professional staff. Princeton Elementary has so much to offer my child and to help my child grow!!

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April 23, 2012

My child is currently in first grade at Princeton. Last year she attended a private school. We love Princeton. My child's reading has flourished. She has positive encouragement from her teacher. Dr. Rollins is a great principal. I can only hope the 2nd grade goes as well.

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January 9, 2012

This school feels like a family. High quality, committed teachers, strong academics, lots of projects which motivate students. Good leadership.

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May 6, 2011

Princeton is a wonderful school! The teachers and staff go above and beyond to ensure that there are lots of wonderful activities to keep the kids excited and the parents involved. We have been very impressed with the level of hands on activities, and our child loves going to school every day. Couldn't ask for a better public school!

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November 9, 2010

i hate the new principle :P im glad that i moved on to middle school. i feel bad for my 1/2 brother :P

November 6, 2010

8/1 "teacher" cannot be real! Open door policy does not exist!! Anybody who works there knows she took over in February - not last two weeks ... teachers (real) hate her and afraid to talk bc its their retirement at stake .. quiet exodus to schools with better admins.. not trying to bring anybody down -- trying to protect other children and families .. Anybody have an extra broom now that Halloween is over? I'm certain hers must be worn out and needs a new one by now to fly around campus with ...My child was horrified to be around her and spoke of friends hating principal. Bad news. There are better schools to look into for your children. If she ever had an open door policy it would be to hide the broom she rides into work with!

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August 1, 2010

The July 7th review is just sad. Our new principal is working so hard. What's more, she has an open door policy toward all parents, and you know it. She came in two weeks before the FCAT so she can't be blamed for the previous administration's curriculum decisions. Shame on you, "parent," for trying to bring her down.

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June 9, 2009

Princeton is a great place for your children to learn. Make sure when you read the reveiws on this site, to look at the dates. The older reviews do not reflect the current atmosphere at Princeton. Many changes have taken place and it's still a great school!

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June 8, 2009

As a teacher, I have not had a better 'family' to work with before. Even with all the problems with children and society today (especially in this state), the administration, teachers, and staff all work together to ensure the most safe and enriching learning experience any school can offer! Year after year the children perform to phenomenal levels of success; as in the FCAT. I would not be hesitant to say that Princeton is the best Elementary school in the area, if not the whole district! Go Panthers!

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April 29, 2009

My Granddaughter has spent all of her six years in Princeton Elementary . It has all been wonderful . The Kindergarden teacher Mrs.Terrel gave her the most wonderful beginning created such an interest in learning ,she has never lost that desire and enthusiam for learning . I cannot Thank the teachers and staff enough for all they have done for her....

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July 8, 2008

Fabulous school. We were districted for Lake Silver but put our names in lottery when our son was in kindergarten. He is now in 4th grade - every teacher has been outstanding from kindergarten through third grade and we look forward to a great 4th grade year. Lots of hands on science activities, creative, nurturing teachers. Each teacher sends home a weekly newsletter with pictures of week's activities. Strong teacher communication - strong parent involvement.

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May 27, 2008

I love Princeton! The teachers are wonderful. They truely care about the education of my child. If you get a chance, go to Princeton's science night. You will see how exciting education can be when done right.

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January 26, 2008

my chid enjoys princeton elementray school very much

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